Bestseller of our 2WD range with more than 500 units all over the world, the ETV gearbox has nothing left to prove since it has won titles in every discipline : rally, rallycross, circuit, hillclimb, or in offroad. In offroad, the ETV gearbox is for example use on the Mitjet project with a rear transverse engine position. ETV gearbox is the standard private product which is based on the Citroën DS3 R3 gearbox and uses on the following one-make series : Lamera Cup, VW Polo cup India & China, GCC China, VW Ameo cup, etc.. Its high torque capacity (from 350 N.m with short final drive to 500 N.m with long final drive) makes the ETV naturally qualified for lots of applications, whereas its modularity enables to offer a specific solution for every new project.

To optimize your speedness diagram according to your application and your technical datas (engine, tyres, etc), there are dozen of ratios for each gear ratio and more than 10 different final drives are in stock.

According to the technical need of your project, the lubrication is ensured by a mechanical oil pump with internal lubrication system or with splash lubrication technology. A 4+4 discs version (16 friction faces) of the self-locking differential is available fot the most demanding projects on this matter. The 3+3 discs standard LSD (12 friction faces) with 40°/60° ramps (or 30°/60°) offers a high end differential which meets 90% of the project needs. Since 2019, our differential benefit of molybdenum friction discs. The molybdenum is a high performance friction material. It has a high level of elasticity and improves the characteristics of steel at high temperatures : smoother, higher coefficient of friction, better life-time.


offroad rally cc slalom circuit rx



efficiency torquecapacity flexibility


Technical Specifications

  • 6 speed dog ring gearbox, with sequential gearing
  • Maxi engine torque : 350 N.m (258 lbs/ft - short final drive) to 500 N.m (405 lbs/ft - long final drive)
  • 20 mm teeth width (1st to 3rd) and 17 mm (4th to 6th) - 89 mm on center
  • Final drives, several options
  • Gear ratios, wide range
  • Discs and ramps limited slip differential :
    • 12 friction faces discs
    • 40°/60° (or 30°/60°) ramp angles
  • Splash lubrication
  • Clutch shaft : 1" x 23 splines
  • Hydraulic realease clutch with Ø52mm bearing + feeder tubes
  • Barrel position sensor
  • Cable to ban reverse gear
  • Weight : 41 kg

Options and Accessories 

  • Oil pump and internal lubrication system + steel filter
  • Self-locking differential : 16 friction faces, several ramp angles
  • Cut-off sensor kit
  • Bell housing
  • Intermediary output shaft and steady rest bearing (right side)
  • Gear level kit 
  • Gear display
  • Reinforced tripod flange kit



Aditionnal technical information

  • Clutch has to be a cerametallic simple plate or Sintered twin-plate Ø184mm maximum. With 1" x 23 splines disc.
  • The gearbox is compatible with OEM 41 splines output flanges from Peugeot Boxer/Citroën Jumper. Machined from the billet reinforced output flanges could be offer if necessary to meet the technical requirements.
  • Driveshafts have to be custom-made. We advise Ø28mm maximum.
  • To install the hydraulic release system, a minimum 0,7" master cylinder can be instal on your original clutch pedal.
  • There is no slave cylinder stop, so a pedal mechanical stop is necessary.
  • According to your application and the technical datas of your vehicle, a cooling system could be suggested. Most of the time, we advise a 13 rows oil cooler with 210x98x50mm dimensions.
  • It is necessary to use 75W140 oil type.

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