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imgmob" Energy has always been crucial in the economic development of human societies. The association of a new energetic system, a new communication technology and a new mode of transport is presented as the origin of industrial revolution ("The industrial Revolution theory", Jeremy Rifkin). In XIX century, it was coal, train and telegraph, in XX century, oil, automobile and the telephone. Today, it is the renewable source of energy, energy-efficient vehicles (electric and hybrid) and the Internet.

Beyond being a simple industrial revolution, the energy transition must be the bearer of a complete transformation of the energy system / technology / communications and electricity is at the heart of this change.
Thus, the emergence of electric mobility is global. It must provide solutions to the issues of energy independence, global warming and air quality.

However, the electric vehicle is a complex ecosystem. If for a long time, its emergence was conditioned to the availability of batteries, other constraints are emerging: the development of charging infrastructure, the integration of these infrastructures in electrical networks, etc.

More than 40,000 electric vehicles are in circulation in France, a million vehicles will surely be reached between 2020 and 2025. To meet this significant development, an ambitious plan for deployment of public charging infrastructure is implemented, which should lead to install futures approximately 14,000 charging stations.
By correctly anticipating the development of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, it is possible to transform these constraints in future opportunities for both the system and the electric vehicle.

The massive introduction of renewable energy such as solar and wind power demand storage capacity to treat intermittent renewables. The electric vehicle is parked 80 to 90% of the time and can remain connected to the network. It is therefore possible to use the car battery as a storage system for the network.
The electric vehicle will foster and optimize the integration of renewable energies and thereby contribute to reducing CO2 emissions from power generation are thus improving environmental impact.

So it is a virtuous circle that will interlock with the electric vehicle. "